Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scientology Expansion Keeps Expanding

I was just considering how to apologize for hardly blogging at all this year. Saying I'm incredibly busy, while accurate, is of course a lame excuse. It's not like there's nothing to tell you. The expansion of Scientology is becoming exponential and the problem, if you can call it that, is that there's so much news, it's almost overwhelming. So, I'll just say "sorry" and "I'll try to mend my ways."

Anyway, here is a news item that blew my socks off: The Church of Scientology just bought the KCET studios in Hollywood. This is not just a Hollywood landmark but a state-of-the-art broadcasting and production facility just walking distance from the Church's international management HQ. I remember driving past it many times on the way to Church when I lived in LA.

Here is some blurb from the press release:
This new studio is a turnkey setup that provides the Church the means to move into broadcasting for both the religion and its many social betterment and humanitarian programs. It is also ideally set up to establish a central media hub for our network of Churches around the world. Utilizing the studio’s existing satellite uplink, we will be able to provide our Churches and affiliated groups globally with instantaneous access to a wealth of content, all in high definition, ranging from the Church’s six annual international events to new educational and introductory films and even video updates for the public informational displays located in Churches around the world.

There's a lot more, so go read the entire article.

Anyway, I'll be posting more often the rest of this year, so stay tuned.