Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Your Potentialities

Your potentialities
are a great deal better
than anyone ever permitted
you to believe
-L. Ron Hubbard from Self Analysis

This is one of my favorite quotes. The truth is that we are far more capable than we know.

Often we are told quite the opposite: Did you ever have a teacher who told you that you were stupid? Did you ever have a "friend" who would make "jokes" at your every mistake? Did you ever see an ad that told you there was something wrong with you and that you needed the latest money making drug to enable you to live with it?

All around there are attempts to tell us that we are incapable and that we need someone or something in order to survive.

Well, the truth is in the quote above. Start believing in yourself. A potentiality is an ability that may be developed, so even though you may not see your abilities right now, they are there and you can develop them.

Don't listen to the naysayers. You have great potential abilities and there are many ways to develop them. Education is a real good one. The one I recommend is Scientology, because it has worked so well for me.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Control of the Environment

Every extinct species became extinct
because it could not change
to control a new environment
- L. Ron Hubbard from Self Analysis

This quote touches on the same subject as yesterday's: Control. Control is the ability to start, change and stop things at one’s own choice.

Some people think that to survive one must adapt to one's environment. The trouble with that idea is that it tends to have the connotation that one must adapt to avoid the dangers. It's a sort of "I can run away" definition. The quote above, from L. Ron Hubbard, says that you must change so you can control your environment, a very different idea.

The quote above can also be applied to entities other than species. Look at Circuit City for example. The environment (economy) changed and Circuit City was not able to change so that it could control the new situation and so it perished.

You can also apply it to your own life. Which areas are you having trouble in? How can you change to better control those areas? Change could be brought about by a decision to act differently, by education so you understand the area better or by a myriad of other ways that I will leave to your common sense.

Tell me what you find.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

How well off is an individual?

The Creation of Human Ability and the Phoenix Lectures
An individual is as well off as he can change things in location in space - L. Ron Hubbard from the Phoenix Lectures.

Think about that one. If you cannot even move your body (i.e., change its location in space) then you are probably in a coma and not very well off. If you can move your body but not much else then you can't hold down a job, drive a car, or do any of the other things that are required to live in our society. If you can move your body and the other things in your environment that you need to move then you will be able to live in the world, drive a car, cook a meal, dance, play an instrument, etc., etc.

Look at your own life and see how this applies to the different areas of life you deal with. How well can you change the location of things for yourself? Your family? Your job? The groups you are involved with? Etc., etc.

I think you'll find out some interesting things about yourself and your life if you try that exercise.

Tell me what you find.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Criminon Success

Here is a wonderful success story from an inmate who is incarcerated in a prison in New York state who just completed a Criminon Correspondence Course:

Before I started and completed this course a new inmate in my dorm would have never approached me. I always gave the impression of someone who may not be able to be trusted. I was a man on a mission, that mission was to do "my hustle." I always had an ulterior motive when I approached an inmate and others.

After completing this course, that same inmate saw something different in me, something I never saw. He saw a man who could be trusted, a man he could confide in and most important, a man who had genuine admirable qualities.

Until that time I never even admired myself. This course taught me that I can put a positive value on my self-worth. Now, even a stranger can see that same positive attributes.

The Way to Happiness course is truly the way to happiness in oneself.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Basic Scientology Books now in 50 languages

Last night at the event celebrating L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, it was announced that the most basic 8 Scientology Basics books have just been released in 50 languages. Not 10, not 20, but 50!

L. Ron Hubbard already had the record as the world's most translated author, with works in 65 languages. I don't know if the new translations add to that 65, but if they do then he's even further ahead than before.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Ron

Today is L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, an event celebrated all over the world by Scientologists.

If one only took into account his writing, or only his humanitarian work or only his breakthroughs in the field of education or drug rehabilitation then those alone would be enough to explain why millions of people around the world will be celebrating today. But add to that his discoveries in the field of the human mind and spirit and what they have meant to each individual amongst those millions and it all becomes clear.

These success stories will give anyone new to the subject an idea of what can be achieved spiritually through Scientology, but to be honest those stories are mild and watered down compared to the realities I have personally seen in others and experienced for myself.

So, Happy Birthday Ron and thanks for all you've done!

Another Religious Recognition for Scientology

Scientology just had another religious recognition from a branch of the United Kingdom government.

The Crown Prosecution Service is an entity in the UK that determines whether cases prepared by the police in England and Wales should be brought to trial. They were recently asked if Scientology was protected under hate crime laws as are other religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Their answer was "yes."

Some of my fellow bloggers already wrote about this:
- CPS gives Scientologists same legal protection as mainstream religions
- Crown Prosecution Service gives Scientologists same legal protection as mainstream religions

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quotes from L. Ron Hubbard (2)

What has made all man a pauper in his happiness?
Transgressions against the mores of
his race,
his group,
his family!
from the article "Clean Hands Make a Happy Life"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quotes from L. Ron Hubbard (1)

Happiness and strength endure
only in the absence of hate.
To hate alone is the road to disaster.
To love is the road to strength.
To love in spite of all
is the secret to greatness.
And may very well be
the greatest secret
in this universe.

L. Ron Hubbard
from Scientology: A New Slant on Life

Monday, March 09, 2009

Quotes from L. Ron Hubbard

In 1990 the Church of Scientology published a book that contained a collection of quotes from L. Ron Hubbard. The quotes were chosen over a forty year period because they were the favorites of Scientologists.

I have that book and for the next few days I'll be quoting from the book. My goal is two fold:

1. To show you some of the things L. Ron Hubbard actually said. As opposed to things someone says he said.
2. To show you a little more of what Scientologists are really like. After all, these are their favorite quotes, so that will tell you something of how they think.

The first quote will be tomorrow.

What's wrong with Clinical Trials?

Almost every day a new drug is labeled "safe and effective" by the FDA and released onto the market. Because it is "safe and effective" doctors start to prescribe it and people start to take it, but how "safe and effective" is it really? All to often, after months or years of use a "safe and effective" drug is found to be "deadly and ineffective". Examples abound, like thalidomide (the wonder drug that was found to cause horrific birth defects), Vioxx (which caused severe and sometimes fatal heart problems) and Zyprexa (which caused diabetes in tens of thousands of people).

What enabled the drug to be labeled "safe and effective" were the results from the procedure know as a "Clinical Trial". So it would seem like a good idea to understand exactly what a clinical trial is and what the results from it actually mean. Here is an eye-opening video that will explain it to you.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Psychologist speaks about Psychiatry

Here is Dr. John Breeding Ph.D., a psychologist, talking about the uses psychiatry is put to in our society. This is quite eye-opening and he mentions a couple of bills currently before Congress that you should contact your representatives about.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Question about the Purification Rundown

"C" said: Grahame, I would love to get more actively involved with Scientology but I don't wish to do the Purification Rundown. (I have never taken drugs in my life) Is this a deal-breaker? Is the Purif mandatory?

Hey "C",

Whether you have to do the Purification Rundown or not is between you and the technical expert who determines what spiritual enhancement you need.

However, I think if you fully understood what the Purif is all about you would actually jump at the chance to do it.

I've done it twice now. Once back in the early 1980s and again in the early 2000s. I had no illegal drug history at all and a minimal medical drug history but I personally got huge gains from the Purif both times.

Unfortunately we live in a world filled with toxins. The fumes from cars, the leaded paint on the walls of an old house, the crap they put into drinking water to kill off bugs, the additives in foods, etc., etc. These all take a toll on you and after they are gone you feel so much better.

Clearer headed, more energy, fabulous skin and much more are just a few of the gains I got from the Purif.

So, my advice would be to go to your local Church or Mission of Scientology and talk to someone about it, or buy the book Clear Body, Clear Mind and read for yourself what the Purif is all about.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Generation Rx - A must-see for all parents

Generation Rx
We know the depths to which corporate executives will descend in order to make a profit. For example, we saw Big Tobacco CEOs stand up before Congress and swear that cigarettes did not cause cancer. Later it was revealed that they knew their cigarettes caused cancer and they lied to protect their profits.

The same story has been going on for a couple of decades now in the pharmaceutical field. The most noticeable difference being that the ones standing up and blatantly lying about the dangerousness of certain billion dollar earning drugs are not Big Pharma CEOs but doctors and other "authorities" who are paid huge sums by Big Pharma.

The rampant corruption in the medical field and the toll it is taking in terms of human lives, and especially children's lives, is exposed in the new documentary Generation Rx, produced and directed by acclaimed documentary maker Kevin P. Miller. The film is a riveting must-see for every person who has any contact with the medical field.

If you are a parent you should see this movie if you don't want to make the mistakes that the parents featured in the movie made. "If I'd known there was a 4 in 100 chance of my daughter committing suicide while on these drugs," says one mother, "you can be sure I wouldn't have let her take them." Her daughter, who took the drugs because she was nervous about a school test, committed suicide just 24 hours after starting on a prescribed anti-depressant. Too late the parents started researching to find out what had happened and they discovered that the truth about the danger of these drugs is out there and easy to find.

The movie is filled with facts about the profits the drug companies make and the human suffering caused by these "safe and effective" drugs. Numerous experts are interviewed and all tell the same story: marketing replacing science, profit usurping help.

One interview that especially caught my attention was with award winning author Robert Whitaker. Whitaker admitted that initially he was a proponent of the "wonder drugs" but that when he looked into the science behind the drug company claims he found that it wasn't there. The drugs were backed by marketing, not science.

If you live on planet Earth, then you need to see this documentary. It can be purchased here: Generation Rx DVD.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hard Work

Here is a cool article on how to be successful and working hard

It quotes from the Way to Happiness so here is a video of "Be Industrious".