Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Ron

Today is L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, an event celebrated all over the world by Scientologists.

If one only took into account his writing, or only his humanitarian work or only his breakthroughs in the field of education or drug rehabilitation then those alone would be enough to explain why millions of people around the world will be celebrating today. But add to that his discoveries in the field of the human mind and spirit and what they have meant to each individual amongst those millions and it all becomes clear.

These success stories will give anyone new to the subject an idea of what can be achieved spiritually through Scientology, but to be honest those stories are mild and watered down compared to the realities I have personally seen in others and experienced for myself.

So, Happy Birthday Ron and thanks for all you've done!


franklin said...

Happy Birthday Ron

My Dear Scientologist,i can not believe myself that i am writing a comment to a scientologist and waiting for his answer.

i am not american and i am not from europe, i am a poor guy from the middle east... i am egyptian, i was born as a muslim... i was always interested in scientology beliefs, i need an advice from you

what do you think?

Grahame said...

Hey Franklin,

Ask whatever you like.