Sunday, March 29, 2009

How well off is an individual?

The Creation of Human Ability and the Phoenix Lectures
An individual is as well off as he can change things in location in space - L. Ron Hubbard from the Phoenix Lectures.

Think about that one. If you cannot even move your body (i.e., change its location in space) then you are probably in a coma and not very well off. If you can move your body but not much else then you can't hold down a job, drive a car, or do any of the other things that are required to live in our society. If you can move your body and the other things in your environment that you need to move then you will be able to live in the world, drive a car, cook a meal, dance, play an instrument, etc., etc.

Look at your own life and see how this applies to the different areas of life you deal with. How well can you change the location of things for yourself? Your family? Your job? The groups you are involved with? Etc., etc.

I think you'll find out some interesting things about yourself and your life if you try that exercise.

Tell me what you find.

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