Saturday, March 14, 2009

Basic Scientology Books now in 50 languages

Last night at the event celebrating L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, it was announced that the most basic 8 Scientology Basics books have just been released in 50 languages. Not 10, not 20, but 50!

L. Ron Hubbard already had the record as the world's most translated author, with works in 65 languages. I don't know if the new translations add to that 65, but if they do then he's even further ahead than before.


franklin said...

The Concept Of Past Lives , The Concept Of Humans as Sipritual Entities , The Concept Of Regaining The Power Of The Spirit , The Ultimate fascinating celebrities like Tom Cruise , i love Tom and his impossible missions , The Story of L.Ron Hubbard was the greatest full of secrets and mysteries , mysterious Upper Levels --- A Religion Taking Over Hollywood --- i could smell scientology in many documentries like " Psychiatry The Industry Of Death " , " Zeitgeist "

i could smell some weird messages from musical groups - alternative rock music - They are keeping repeating the word " Game " , " soul " ," Past Lives " , " I Will Start Again " ----> 30 Seconds To Mars

i could smell some weird messages in Tom'S MOVIES LIKE " COLLATERAL "
i could also smell the same philosophy in the movie " 2001 A Space odyssey "

do you think that all my thoughts are illusions about these movies and this music????

i feel that someone is trying to tell me something through these songs & movies

or someone is trying to tell someone else a message but i was in the middle of them and i caught and interpreted these signs

sorry for the broken english , as you know english is not my daily used language i think you got the idea , you are intelligent thetan , i am intelligent thetan too

waiting for your reply , you don't have to publish the comment , just reply me ----> please

Grahame said...

Hey franklin,

Scientology is a very open religion. We are open about what we believe - you can go to the Scientology website or the What is Scientology site and find out all about it. You can go into any Church of Scientology and get your questions answered.

Scientology is not full of secrets. There are a very few things that people don't get to learn about until they are ready, but that's simply a protection for them and those materials are a very, very very small percentage of Scientology.

We try our best to tell people what we are all about and what the religion is all about. We put a lot of time and effort into communicating openly.

We don't use subliminals or hidden messages. The mystery religions of the past tried that method and look where it got them - they don't exist any more.

As for hidden messages in the movies and music you refer to: I personally don't see the things you mention. But one thing about art is that it is open to the interpretation of the viewer/listener, so if you see/hear things that mean something to you, then so be it, but that is your interpretation, not necessarily what the creator of the piece of art meant.

I've watched many "making of" featurettes and am amazed at what messages the film makers think they are putting into their movies. I almost never interpret them the same way as the writer/director/actors did, but that's the beauty of art.

franklin said...

oh, thanks for reply

Another question

you are a scientologist for 20 years,
Away From The E-Meter and without auditing , is there any other method in the universe to get rid of the reactive mind "without auditing"?

seems to be stupid question - it is just a blog - we can talk free

Grahame said...

Hey franklin,

I've been a Scientologist for over 30 years.

Your questions are not stupid.

To answer your question: I am not aware of any way to get rid of the Reactive Mind other than through Scientology and Dianetics Auditing.

franklin said...

i hope a joyful Sunday's night for you

thanks for the links

you seem to be so smart and honest

scientologists are great and peacful with peacful characters

scientologists can go bad with agressive and hatred anonymous characters

and i agree with that

Grahame said...

Thanks, you have a great Sunday too.