Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Criminon Success

Here is a wonderful success story from an inmate who is incarcerated in a prison in New York state who just completed a Criminon Correspondence Course:

Before I started and completed this course a new inmate in my dorm would have never approached me. I always gave the impression of someone who may not be able to be trusted. I was a man on a mission, that mission was to do "my hustle." I always had an ulterior motive when I approached an inmate and others.

After completing this course, that same inmate saw something different in me, something I never saw. He saw a man who could be trusted, a man he could confide in and most important, a man who had genuine admirable qualities.

Until that time I never even admired myself. This course taught me that I can put a positive value on my self-worth. Now, even a stranger can see that same positive attributes.

The Way to Happiness course is truly the way to happiness in oneself.

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