Saturday, September 20, 2003

My first step in Scientology

Scientology caused great changes in my life. Before I came across it I was a very shy, introverted guy. I would get depressed often and although I would have times of happiness, most of the time life wasn't very enjoyable. The first course I did in Scientology was called the Communication Course. The course promised to improve my ability to communicate with others and my ability to be the one who could start the conversation. What I got out of it was a lot more than that - much, much more than I ever imagined. I found my shyness decreased tremendously, I could actually talk to girls without blushing and stumbling and sounding like an idiot, I could go places by myself without feeling nervous and my introversion disappeared completely. The difference that one course made in my life was so great that I was determined to do more.

You can find out about the communications course and all the other beginning courses and services of Scientology by clicking this link: Introductory Services.

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