Sunday, September 02, 2007

Solving the Problems of Work

The Problems of Work
As you will have noticed I've not made many blog posts recently. Truth is I've been flat out on a project at work. Getting a piece of commercial software completed and packaged up is a major undertaking. There are so many "little details" that have to be handled properly and many of which turn out not to be so "little" after all.

If I were not familiar with the solutions to the many problems one hits at work that are given in the book "The Problems of Work", I think I'd have curled up into a little ball of quivering jelly by now.

The book is a lifesaver and contains such things as how to handle confusion (like the many demands from a client coming at you all at once), how to overcome exhaustion (very useful after 11 straight hours of banging away at it) and how to keep all the many elements of a job under control.

It's a great book, and really easy to read, especially with the new edition and its incredible glossary. So go get it!

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