Saturday, November 24, 2007

Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others

Here is something the world needs a lot more of:

URL: Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others


Grahame said...

Isn't religious intolerance fascinating? I post a video that promotes respecting the religious beliefs of others and a religious bigot tries to post a very nasty comment with a link to a very nasty anti-religious site. I guess he never bothered to view the video.

You have to wonder about the mental state of someone who would do this. I guess this is the sort of person who joins the KKK or the neo-Nazis. The mentality of such a person is completely unreal to me. As a Scientologists I support religious tolerance and allowing others to believe what they want to believe.

Who am I to impose my ideas on others? Am I some sort of perfect god-like being who knows what is best for others? Absolutely not. So I guess the bigot who posted the nasty comment must think he is. It's sort of sad, pathetic and repugnant all at the same time.

Paul said...

You said it Grahame, This is such a positive message. You can also got to our site at for more on making a better world

Grahame said...

Hey Paul, that is a great site. Here is a link to it: Human Rights in Africa

Celtic Volunteer Minister said...

Dear Grahame.

I love this video and use it on my blog but I paste it from the Way to Happiness code. Don't really care for You tube. Check it out and keep posting these great videos!