Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tom Cruise receives award for courage in Germany

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at the 2007 BAMBI Awards
I've said several times that the international media should apologize to the German people for its portrayal of Germany as still being somehow steeped in Nazi traditions. Such disgusting headlines as "Why Germany hates Tom Cruise" from Time Magazine clearly attempts to make Germany look like some sort of extremist fascist state, which it most certainly is not.

(My earlier posts on this subject: The German People Deserve an Apology from the International Media and Unfair Treatment of Germany in the Press.)

To further prove the fact that if the media can't find controversy they will make it up there comes this story from Germany: Tom Cruise receives the BAMBI award for Courage .

It says on the BAMBI website: "BAMBI award ... is the most important award in Germany. With an audience awareness of 94%, it holds a top position – in Germany it is even more well-known than the legendary Academy Award, the OSCAR. ... This award is given to nominees in the whole sector of communication and to people in all other segments of entertainment and show business as well as economy, politics and sports."

It seems unlikely this award would have been given to Tom Cruise if things were as bad in Germany as the media likes to pretend. So, once again I call for an apology to the German people from such entities as AP, Reuters and Time Magazine.

Wouldn't it be nice if reporters actually told the truth? It would make freedom of the press something worth fighting for.

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Grahame said...

I moderate my comments because, despite the fact that we supposedly live in a civilized society and we are supposed to be intelligent and open minded people, there are some out there who are predisposed to believing the worst. If such people want to find out about something, they don't bother to get the facts, they find negative articles and web sites and just blindly believe them.

I just got a comment to this post from such a person. I don't promote such people in any way, so I'm not going to link to her profile or any of her nasty anti-religious sites, but I will say that her username is very appropriate for someone so small minded.

Anyway, if she comes back here and reads this, then my response is: "If you are a person who is interested in the freedoms that a civilized society has to offer (such as the right to believe as one chooses) then I'd suggest you find out the facts on a subjects such as Scientology before you go around attacking it."