Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How pathetic is Anonymous?

I just came across an article that demonstrates the criminality and twistedness of "Anonymous". The article is about how they hacked the Time.com "Most influential person" online poll.

They built auto-voting programs and modified them as the Time.com people changed the poll in an attempt to stop the hacking. Eventually when Time added a feature that stopped the auto-voting the nut-jobs of Anonymous started voting by hand. To keep the manual voters happy the masterminds of this idiocy provided porn to keep the faithful voting.

Here are a couple of quotes from the article: "To further optimize their voting they created a poll front-end that allowed you to enter votes quickly while giving you an update of the poll status (and since it is a 4chan kind of crowd), they also provided the option to stream some porn just to keep you company while you are subverting one of the largest media companies in the world."

And this: "Some of the most hardcore voters (I call them ‘devoters’) spent 40+ hours voting. At their peak, they were casting about 200 votes per minute."

It's rather pathetic if you ask me. It shows you the mentality of these people and how pointless their lives must be. Why not spend 40+ hours doing some volunteer work? There are thousands of worthwhile causes out there. But no, rather than do something to help their fellow man, the pitiful members of Anonymous prefer to mess with a pointless Internet poll.

Read the complete article: moot wins, Time Inc. loses.


Jim Gatos said...

Watching porn while "assembly line voting"?

That's pretty demented.. really..

I don't get the point... Anyone attempting to "fudge" polling is no better than a dictator controlling an election..

RobertS said...

Wow impressive. You need to post a link to that story. It's hilarious!

Grahame said...

The link is in my original post - right at the bottom.