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Scientology Auditing versus Secular Therapy

Sophie said:

How is Auditing different from seeing a therapist and talking about your feelings and working on them and what not? Therapists usually don't prescribe drugs so how is it different?

That is an excellent question.

Unless you have a good understanding of what auditing is then you may not see much difference between Scientology Auditing and secular therapy. In fact the differences are so many and so great that a book could be written on the subject.

But to save you from a huge discussion, I'll try to keep it short and to the point.

The End Product

Here is an example of a typical secular therapy session: Typical Therapy Session. As you can see the end product and how long it takes to achieve is described like this:
On average, clients stay in therapy for one year. Some feel better much sooner, and some continue for much longer. The length of time it will take for you to feel better varies depending on your temperament and the particular issues you bring forward.
So "feeling better" is the end product and it take about a year to achieve.

When a person begins with Scientology Auditing often the first thing they do is a specific set of actions called "Life Repair" which are aimed at handling the upsets and difficulties the person is encountering in their current life. On average it takes 25 hours of auditing and at the end of that time the person's current life issues will be handled. They won't just "feel better" they will feel great and the things that were bothering them won't be bothering them anymore.

So that's the lowest, simplest, beginning form of Scientology Auditing and in a few days you will have not only reached, but completely surpassed the "feeling better" of secular therapy.

If you go to this link: Scientology Bridge you will see a full list of the abilities that you gain from the Scientology Auditing that comes after Life Repair.

Here are a few examples of what you get from Scientology Auditing:
- Ability to freely communicate with anyone on any subject.
- Ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish.
- Relief from the hostilities and sufferings of life.
- Freedom from the upsets of the past and ability to face the future.
- Moving out of fixed conditions into ability to do new things.
- Freedom from cruel impulses and chronic unwanted condition.

And there's plenty more. These end products far surpass anything there is in secular therapy.

The Precision

Another big difference is that Scientology Auditing is made up of very specific actions that have been tested and honed thoroughly over the years until they get a specific named result every time. The person delivering these actions to an individual is called an Auditor and he or she is very thoroughly trained so they do it right every time.

The actions an Auditor delivers are called "processes" and they range from very simple (such as "Remember something real" - it assists memory) to very complex (such as 12 questions/directions given in a very specific order with many internal variations possible) but each and every one is precise and has a carefully defined end product.

There is nothing comparable in secular therapy

What's wrong with you is ...

In Auditing the Auditor NEVER EVER tells a person what to think about what they just came up with, NEVER EVER tells them what is wrong with them, NEVER EVER makes disparaging remarks about what they did or didn't do or say and NEVER EVER interprets what the person says or feels. That is very different to secular therapy such as psychoanalysis where the analyst reads sexual significance into the person's statements and interprets his condition for him.

In Auditing the person comes to their own conclusions and realizations. To have a conclusion forced upon you is worse than useless and can actually be very detrimental, so it is forbidden in Scientology Auditing.

We actually have a code of conduct called the Scientology Auditor's Code, which all Auditors follow.

The Biggest Difference of All

The biggest difference that I see between Scientology Auditing and secular therapy is that Auditing is based on the idea that you are a spiritual being with enormous potential abilities which, although not currently realized, can be achieved.

Secular therapy is usually based on the idea that a human being is just an animal and is limited by genetics. So "feeling better" is the highest goal because you are just a body and that's the best you can do with a body. Spiritual freedom and spiritual ability are foreign concepts to the secular therapist.

Other References

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Well, Sophie, has that answered your question?

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