Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scientology Wedding

Today two of my good friends are getting married and it was me that introduced them. I don't usually go in for matchmaking but these two just seemed really suited for each other so I thought I'd give it a try. Looks like I got it right :)

There was a lot of hoopla a couple years back when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married and a lot of mis-information about how we Scientologists go about getting married. The ceremony is simple and (I think) intimate. The words are aimed at creating a shared agreement about the future together and the realities of married life. My favorite of the alternative wordings also has quite a bit of gentle humor in it and is very poetic. Others prefer the more traditional sort of wording, but that's just me.

My two friends are not celebrities, but they will be having a similar ceremony (although not in a location as fancy) as the Cruise's wedding. I wish them every happiness.

For more info you can check out these links:
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Galaxy Press said...

Hi there,

Nice blog. I just found it because somewhere it seems to link to the Stories from the Golden Age blog at

That's cool, but the real reason I am writing you is that I noticed your videos are in a large format and cover up the links at the right side of the blog. I have the same problem at my blog and you know you can resize the videos when you go into the code. You might already know how to do it, just wanted to give you a hint.
Best, Peter

Grahame said...

Hey Peter,

In IE the videos went behind the links so I didn't notice that they were too big. But in Firefox the vidoes went over the links so it is painfully obvious.

Anyway I fixed the width and height so they should be okay now.


Grahame said...

PS - I love the Stories from the Golden Age of Pulp Fiction blog. Very cool.

Galaxy Press said...

Hi Grahame,

Great. Looks a lot better. Yes, I use Firefox mostly so noticed it right away.

Thanks for the comments about my blog. Appreciate!

Best, Peter