Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jail for Anonymous Member

A not so anonymous member of the Internet hate group that calls itself Anonymous was sentenced to a year in jail for his part in attacks on Church of Scientology web sites in Jan 2008. You can read more here: Attack on Scientology Website Sends New Jersey Man to Jail on Felony Charges.

The article includes the following data about who else Anonymous has attacked:
Anonymous is an underground hate group that, in addition to the cyber attack, targeted Churches of Scientology and members with death threats, bomb threats and fake anthrax mail. In addition to Scientology Churches and the Prime Minister of Australia , Anonymous has also targeted The Epilepsy Foundation, hip-hop music websites and others.
Anonymous is a nasty bunch of people, but they are being caught and justice is occurring.


Maggie said...

I don't particularly understand the need to attack the different. I know very, very little about scientology (hopefully will learn more soon!) and have no intention of joining its church anytime in the near future, but why must this group harass you as such?

Let's send them this:
Dear Anonymous,
The earth is crawling with differences and diversity. Get over it.
We the Diverse

What say you, my friend?

Grahame said...

I'm with you Maggie.

Tolerance is a scares commodity. We need a lot more of it.

It's hard to tell exactly why Anonymous harasses my church. My guess is that it was begun by hard-core hate-mongers who spread lies and rumors and then some people were duped into believing it and, because people are basically good and want to help others, the duped began to get on board with the hard-core nasties.

In a court-of-law you are innocent until proven guilty, but in the court-of-rumor it seems to be the other way around. Hate-mongers can say whatever they want and don't have to back it up with evidence that would stand up in a court-of-law.

Why did the hard-core hate-mongers began their campaign of hatred? That's even harder to answer. If you can answer these questions then you can probably figure it out: Why did Christians get fed to lions in the Roman arena? Why were the Cathars wiped out in the first inquisition? Why were the Jews slaughtered by the Nazis?

Hate-mongers have a long and gruesome history and their reasons probably haven't changed.