Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Questions from a Nurse (5)

Taylor asked a number of questions here: More Questions from a Nurse. Here are more answers:

10. On whom do you rely on health care services or healing?
For general data on the religious view on medical care read this: What is the Scientology position on medical care?

For myself the answer to the question is the clinic I mentioned above and Dr. Fuhrman.

11. Are there religious restrictions that your caregiver should know?
The Church of Scientology itself does not enforce any restrictions on physical treatment.

But Scientologists are opposed to destructive psychiatric treatments such as psychiatric drugs, electroshock therapy and psychosurgery. I have seen that regular doctors are prescribing psychiatric drugs without understanding there dangers, so that would be a restriction which a caregiver would need to know: don't give psychiatric or other mind-altering drugs to a Scientologist. For more info read this: What is the Scientology View
on Drugs and Medicine?

Medical drugs and normal medical treatments are no problem.

More tomorrow.

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