Monday, December 13, 2010

Scientology and Christmas

People sometimes ask how or what Scientologists celebrate at this time of the year, so here is the Church's answer: The Scientology Religion and the Holiday Season.

If you want a more personal answer then here is mine: Scientology is not like other western religions in that it is inclusive rather than exclusive. For example, if you are a Christian then you are not a Muslim and you are not Jewish. But if you are a Scientologist you could also be a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew or a Buddhist or ... etc., etc. We don't have any rule that stops you from being a part of another religion. This is because Scientology is a practical religion that addresses improving your life in the here and now. It does not require faith or belief: You can try out the teachings of Scientology for yourself and see whether they work or not.

Of course there can be clashes between some beliefs and the teachings of Scientology but even then a person could use some of the practical teachings of Scientology even if they rejected others.

For me personally, because I was raised in a somewhat Christian family, I do the usual Christmas stuff -the tree, decorations, presents, parties, family, Christmas music, etc.

I hope that gives you an idea of how or what Scientologists celebrate at this time of year.

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Jason McRoy said...

Just thought I'd throw in my two cents here.
I was also raised in a Christian family. I found Dianetics in 1989 when I was 16 years old and have never looked back.
My family respects my religious views and are happy that I am a minister of Scientology. I am the only person in my family with that title.
Regarding Christmas- I celebrate Christmas as the time for family and celebration of all that is good in the world. The time of the year that is Christmas can create such a fun time so I enjoy that.