Sunday, June 05, 2011

Format Change

I hope the blog's format change is to your liking. The old format was okay but a little dark and too thin for the average video. To post a video I had to modify the width and height so it fit into the skinny left hand column. With the new format all that is ancient history and the default width for YouTube videos is no problem.

So, come, read, enjoy. And if you have any suggestions for improving the format even more then just add a comment.


Milla said...

Love it. Last one I saw was (oops!) the green one. Yeah, yeah, I know.... However, you should try WordPress sometime this lifetime. Just try it! ;-)

Grahame said...

Hey Milla,

The green looked good at first, but as time went by it started to look ... well, green :)

I do use WordPress elsewhere and it's a great tool.

turbotad said...

Yup - while I prefer Wordpress too, you've got quite a bit of longevity at this domain that would be rough to build back up if you switched platforms.

I dig the new blue, btw. :)

Milla said...

I got you... it hapens with THAT green. :-)

nilo de roock said...

Finally found a theta rich blog. Keep it up. May I suggest the 'follow this blog' widget?

Patti said...

I like it. Easy to read, nice color. And a cute picture of a cute kid. Priceless.