Monday, January 12, 2004

Scientology Basics - Cycle of Action

One method of finding fundamental principles of existence is by observing the physical universe, picking out recurring patterns and examining them to see if they lead to such principles. Several thousand years ago this method was used to isolate what we call in Scientology the Cycle of Action. It was first mentioned in the Vedic Hymns (I think the Hymn to the Dawn Child) and later expressed allegorically in Hinduism as the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and in Christianity as the Holy Trinity.

In Scientology we bypass the allegory and simply state that the Cycle of Action of the physical universe consists of Create, Survive and Destroy. This is very easy to observe: A child is conceived (create), he is born, grows and matures (survive), then at a certain age he stops growing and begins to survive less well eventually dying (destroy). Another example would be: a car is built (create), it is sold to a man who drives it for a few months (survive) then he crashes it into a wall and it goes to the wrecking yard (destroy).

You can see this cycle all over the universe, but what can you do with it? Well, an example would be if you were looking for a marriage partner. Ask yourself where they are on the cycle: Look at their belongings, their appearance, the effects they create on others, etc. Are these things in a creative state, a surviving state or a decaying state? What about their conversation? Are they creative and constructive in what they talk about? (Create.) Are they content with how things are, doubtful of change, preferring the status quo? (Survive.) Or do they find fault with others, criticizing, nit picking, talking behind their backs or offering "advice" that is really just veiled criticism? (Destroy.) Well, figure it out and avoid those who are in "destroy".

The cycle of action can be analyzed further in an extremely useful way that opens it up to even more practical use in life. This is fully covered in the book Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought by L. Ron Hubbard. Click the links below to check it out:

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