Saturday, January 03, 2004

Scientology and New Year Resolutions - Part 4 - Get Your Product

The penultimate step in making your New Year Resolutions become reality is summarized in the title of the third L. Ron Hubbard article of 7 Aug 1976: "To get you have to know how to organize."

You have to organize the things needed to help you achieve the resolution. So how do you organize? It is very well covered in a series of articles called the "Org Series" (org is short for organizing) which can be found in Management Series Volume 2. You can find some of these articles on line at Planning for the Future. The Scientology Handbook also contains a couple of chapters on organizing.

Firstly you need to have some idea of what actions are needed to get your product. For example, the resolution about weight that we used as an example in my article of Dec 30, 2003 requires that you know what is needed to get and maintain a healthy weight. That will require research and reading of the appropriate books (I recommend In Fitness and In Health by Dr. Phil Maffetone).

Now that you know what is needed you must arrange the actions you will need to do into a sensible sequence, including acquiring the resources you will need. In our example that would mean getting correct foods, recipes, exercise equipment, etc. and then listing out the steps needed in correct sequence (such as 1. Cut out all high-carbohydrate foods for two-weeks, etc.)

Now you must arrange your schedule so these actions will occur and then plan out where they are going to occur (when and where will you exercise, etc?)

Now that you know what you have to do, have the resources needed, have listed out what the actions are and when and where they will occur, you are ready for the final step in making your resolution become a reality ... DO IT!

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