Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Scientology and New Year Resolutions - Part 3 - Want Your Product

The next thing to examine in making your New Year Resolutions become a reality is "want". Do you really want the product you have named?

I strongly recommend that you read the article "Want Your Product". It is dated 7 August 1976 and can be found in the Admin Know-How Series of articles in Management Series Volume 1.

Sometimes people make a New Year Resolution because of pressure from relatives or peers. "I'm going to give up smoking!" Is that your choice or is it a choice that has been forced on you by others? If it is not your choice then it won't happen. You have to make the decision for yourself and not because others are forcing you.

Another possibility is that although the resolution is a good idea and is something you should want, your "want" seems either not be there or comes and goes. One day you want it and the next you don't care. The usual reason for this is that someone in your environment is an anti-social personality and is not interested in you improving. This can be handled by understanding the situation and becoming knowledgeable in how to deal with such people. There is a course called "Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life" that gives you the knowledge and tools to handle the situation.

The other possibility is a tough one to face. If a resolution is a positive thing that will help you or others and you still don't want it, then it is possible you have a problem with personal integrity. You've done things (or are doing things) that are harming yourself or others and deep down you don't think you deserve to improve. This is the toughest one for a person to face because we usually have such actions very well explained and justified or we just want to forget that we ever did them. The husband who cheated on his wife, the employee who stole from his employer, etc., etc. We live in a rather unethical society where "everyone does it, so why shouldn't I?" But deep down we know something is wrong. Well, luckily there is an answer for this condition too. The Personal Values and Integrity Course can help. It gives you practical methods to handle the situation and regain your personal integrity.

Now that you want the resolution you have named you can go on to the next step ...

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