Friday, December 12, 2003

Scientology Logic 23 (continued)

The corollary to Logic 23 states: The human mind is capable of resolving the problem of the human mind. The borderline of solution of this science lies between why life is surviving and how life is surviving. It is possible to resolve how life is surviving without resolving why life is surviving.

This is another very bold statement which flies in the teeth of the failures and excuses of psychology and psychiatry. Those two fields have so dismally and completely failed to resolve the problem of the human mind that they now resort to drugs, shocks and surgery. They "know" that nothing can be done about it so it doesn't matter what they do. Their treatments add up to profits for them and brain damage for the patient.

The problem of the human mind not only can be solved but has been in Dianetics, the first workable science of the mind. The therapy is easy to administer and has been validated over a 54 year period. I recommend you find out about it.

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