Monday, December 15, 2003

Scientology Logic 24

Logic 24 - The resolution of the philosophical, scientific and human studies (such as economics, politics, sociology, medicine, criminology, etc.) depends primarily upon the resolution of the problems of the human mind.

Which explains why philosophy has fallen into disrepute (being viewed by the common man as so much vacuous mumbo-jumbo), economics has created an almost slave society were the average family needs two bread-winners to survive, why politics has decayed into some sort of sporting event, why sociology seems to be a mere gathering of statistics, medicine kills more patients annually than an average war, criminology is a dismal failure that is unable to predict criminal behavior with any level of accuracy and psychology and psychiatry have become methods of selling drugs and torturing restrained patients.

Until now the problems of the human mind have never been solved. Now that Dianetics has solved those problems the humanities have a chance to be the solutions for man that they have long promised, but never managed, to be.

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