Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Scientology Logic 23

Logic 23 - The human mind is a servomechanism to any mathematics evolved or employed by the human mind.

POSTULATE: The human mind and inventions of the human mind are capable of resolving any and all problems which can be sensed, measured or experienced directly or indirectly.

COROLLARY: The human mind is capable of resolving the problem of the human mind. The borderline of solution of this science lies between why life is surviving and how life is surviving. It is possible to resolve how life is surviving without resolving why life is surviving.

This can be a tough logic to get your wits around if you don't have a good concept of two things: 1) What is a "servomechanism" and 2) who creates the mathematics in the first place?

1) A servomechanism is a device that monitors the performance of another device and causes adjustments in the running of that device to bring it closer to an optimal performance.

2) The logic itself answers this one: Mathematics are created by the human mind.

To make Logic 23 more concrete let's take an example. We have to calculate the cost of items we are selling. The total is the cost of the item plus the sales tax which has a rate of 8%. We figure out a formula (mathematics) to calculate this as total = cost * 1.08. We use this successfully for some time then the state decides that the rate must increase to 8 1/4%. So we adjust the formula to total = cost * 1.0825. It's as simple as that. The human mind in this case evolved the mathematics (the first formula) and then acted as a servomechanism by monitoring the mathematics and adjusting it to make it produce correct results.

More on this Logic tomorrow.

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