Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Scientology Logic 22

Logic 22 - The human mind is an observer, postulator, creator and storage place of knowledge.

The human mind by definition includes the awareness unit of the living organism, the observer, the computer of data, the spirit, the memory storage, the life force and the individual motivator of the living organism. It is used as distinct from the brain which can be considered to be motivated by the mind.

Usually when the mind gets a mention in the media or in a book it is to show how crazy it is. The subjects of psychiatry and psychology have been so obsessed with the study of deranged minds that it seems they have never looked at functioning, sane minds. Here at last, in Logic 22, is a look at the mind as something positive and vital to mankind.

The story of civilization has so often been a battle between the great minds and the deranged. So let's recognize the fact that, although things are far from perfect, the great minds are winning. If you compare the state of the world 1,000 years ago, 2,000 years ago or 3,000 years ago to how it is now you will see a steady improvement. For example in Hellenic Greece at the height of its "Golden Age" (5th Century BC) slavery was a normal part of society and so accepted that it was rarely if ever questioned. Although slavery still exists it is now an illegal and debased activity and the concerned institutions of our civilization fight against slavery.

The human mind has been able to observe, postulate, create and store more and more knowledge as the centuries have gone by. The knowledge we need to overcome the challenges that face us and create an even better civilization exists but we must use the other logics to evaluate the vast amount of knowledge we now have so we can select out the true from the false, the vital from the dross and the survival data from the destructive.

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