Thursday, December 18, 2003

Scientology as a Religion - Part 1

How Scientology is a religion is sometimes difficult for a westerner to grasp because of some western religious traditions that Scientology does not conform to. In the next few days I'll go over how Scientology differs from the traditional western view of religion and how it is nevertheless a religion.

All Denominational

Being a Scientologist does not prevent a person from joining or remaining in another religion. A man or woman can be a Scientologist and a member of any other religion. I personally know Scientologists who are also Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Methodists and Buddhists.

Dogma regarding the Supreme Being

Scientology does not intrude into the realm of the Supreme Being. The individual is allowed to have his own beliefs and faith regarding the Supreme Being. Scientology regards each individual as a spiritual being (an idea held in common by all religions) and its applied religious philosophy revolves around this concept of an individual spiritual being.

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