Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri

As well as being the best known movie star in the world, Tom Cruise is also the best known Scientologist in the world. Being the world's biggest movie star however is not the easy life some might think. The gutter press just loves to make up stories and create controversies about non-existent things. I think the founding fathers of America must be spinning in their graves when they hear "freedom of speech" being used as a justification for spreading rumors and malicious gossip.

Well now at last Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been given a chance to have their say about all the recent media nonsense about their baby, Suri. (This link will probably take you to a different story in about a month). A major interview with Tom and Katie appears in the next issue of Vanity Fair. I hope people read it and start to realize how inaccurate and dishonest much of the media is today.

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