Friday, February 27, 2009

Study shows that Narconon Drug Education Works

A peer-reviewed study published in the Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Policy Journal shows that the Narconon Drug Education program is effective in reducing drug use amongst youth.

The study said:

At six month follow-up, youths who received the Narconon drug education curriculum showed reduced drug use compared with controls across all drug categories tested. The strongest effects were seen in all tobacco products and cigarette frequency followed by marijuana. There were also significant reductions measured for alcohol and amphetamines. The program also produced changes in knowledge, attitudes and perception of risk.
The eight-module Narconon curriculum has thorough grounding in substance abuse etiology and prevention theory. Incorporating several historically successful prevention strategies this curriculum reduced drug use among youths.

You can read the entire published study here: The NARCONON™ drug education curriculum for high school students: A non-randomized, controlled prevention trial

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