Friday, March 12, 2010

Scientology: Question about teen sexual activity

Steph asked: Some are concerned about the high rates of teen sexual activity in America. Do you share that concern? What does your religion teach about sexual intimacy before marriage?

I am concerned about the high rate of teen pregnancies and the consequences for both the young mothers and the children.

"Be faithful to your sexual partner" and "don't be promiscuous" are the moral codes that we follow in this area. They are both covered in the Way To Happiness.


J.R. LeMar said...

So no specific prohibitions against unmarried sex, as long as you're not cheating on someone?

Grahame said...

Hey J.R.,

I guess that is one way of summing it up.

The Way to Happiness book goes into it in a bit more detail so that it makes sense. I'd suggest reading that part of the book or watching the video, Don't Be Promiscuous/Be Faithful to Your Sexual Partner, or watch the film of the entire Way To Happiness.

Grahame said...

I think I should also add that ethics and ethical behavior is taught in Scientology. (Ethical behavior being those actions that promote survival for all areas of life.)

Getting pregnant as an unmarried teenager is clearly not ethical. At a minimum it cuts across the girl's education and causes a lot of potential problems for the child and it can have much worse consequences than that.

So a fuller answer to the original question should probably include that.