Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good news for human rights in Germany

After 17 years of operation the "Scientology Task Force" of the city of Hamburg has been shut down.

Of course they didn't announce the fact that after 17 years of intrusive and unconstitutional investigation of the Church of Scientology's activities they found nothing - as in zip, nada, sweet FA, zilch - illegal going on. Nothing they could prosecute, nothing they could publish a government pamphlet about, basically nothing at all.

Must be pretty embarrassing for the Hamburg government and the notorious, human rights violating head of the "task force", Ursula Caberta. They created a task force based on rumors, lies and bigotry and after 17 years finally realized they were wasting government time and tax payer money.

Oh well, it's one more step forward in the fight for Religious Freedom and a great day for human rights in Germany.



Pam said...

Thanks for posting this. I notice it didn't get broad coverage in the news — HA!

Doktor Future said...

I don't like how the site you link to, the Religious Freedom Watch, "" doesn't seem to watch anything other than 'Scientology'.

There is a lot of religious intolerance and lack of freedom that should be covered by a site with such a general name. I can't accept what they post as journalism or professional. It is just marketing and propaganda disguising itself as something it's not.

Grahame said...

Hey Doktor F,

You are entitled to your opinion but I disagree with you. I think that accusing Religious Freedom Watch (RFW) of being "propaganda" or "marketing" is way off the mark.

Facts are not propaganda or marketing. For example, you refer to the Ursula Caberta page. That page is far more specific and factual than the average newspaper article. It gives dates, locations, names and quotes from court cases. Where is the propaganda or marketing in that?

I strongly suggest you read more of the RFW site before coming to such conclusions.

On your comment about it watching only attacks on Scientology. That is a good point. There is a recent comment from the webmaster acknowledging that the site is mainly oriented towards Scientology but he says that he will be expanding the site to include other religions.