Monday, August 23, 2010

The NY Mosque

I have been appalled by the media frenzy over the plan to build a mosque in a cultural center several blocks from Ground-Zero.

The mosque and the people who will attend it have no connection whatever with the 911 terrorist attacks and neither does the Islamic religion.

The people who perpetrated 911 were terrorists not Muslims. To equate the religion with the actions of a few evil men makes as much sense as to say that all Catholics are child molesters just because some priests committed such acts.

Such thinking is not rational.

Recognize the differences between the 911 terrorists and the people who are building the mosque. Recognize that the only similarity between them is that all involved have a head, two arms and two legs and there the similarity ends.

In Scientology we know that sanity is the ability to recognize differences, similarities and identities. For example, if a man thinks the friendly dog coming towards him is the same as the dog that bit him last week, then him will act irrationally.

And that is what is happening here: people are acting irrationally, egged on by a news media that craves conflict and will create conflict if it doesn't already exist.

So let's practice tolerance, recognize the differences and get back to doing something constructive in the world.

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