Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Scientology Cross

Jay asked: Hello, Can you tell me why there is a cross in your logo? I thought that you accepted all religious beliefs, if so would that not offend others. Jay

Thanks for your question. Although most people think of the cross as a Christian symbol, it actually predates Christianity and was long used as a symbol for representing the freeing of the spirit from the material: the shaft represents the spirit moving up toward freedom and the bar represents the material universe attempting, but failing, to block it.

The Scientology Cross has that meaning plus it adds four extra points in the center so that it has eight points altogether. Those eight point represent the eight parts that Scientologists split life into in order to understand it better - what we call the Eight Dynamics.

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Vor-Mel said...

Good morning, friend, and congratulations for your blog. I must apologize because my English is not good at all. My name is Victor and I live in Madrid. I have just a questions about Scientology cross... it is possible to buy one? Does scientologists wear a cross like that in their neck? Where could I get one?
Thank you and best regards!!

Grahame said...

The cross is available at most Churches of Scientology. As with most things, some people wear symbols such as this and others don't.