Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Scientology: Abuses and Injustices.

If you get into trouble in Scientology then what do you do? If you see something going on that you feel is wrong, how do you handle it?

Maybe you get fired from your position in the Church for something you didn't really do. Or maybe it's not that simple. Maybe a lot of things went on, some of which you were responsible for and some of which you weren't, but in the end you were the one who got clobbered. Maybe it's so bad that you actually get expelled from the Church. Or maybe you see someone getting in trouble and you know they are not to blame but you feel like you'll get hit if you open your mouth.

So what do you do?

In our current society it is hard to handle an injustice. More often than not, the "justice" system seems to be run for the benefit of the rich. After all, they are the ones who can afford the expensive attorneys.

The word "recourse" means "a turning or applying to a person or thing for aid or security." In Scientology there are many methods of recourse. The simplest is to write a report of what is going on and send it to the people whose job it is to handle the situation. The least simple could be getting the highest authority in the Church to convene a full investigation into the situation.

Whatever method you use, the truth is that there are many, many ways to handle any abuse or injustice and there are lots of people who have successfully done just that. Even people who have "gone over to the dark side" and have publicly attacked the Church have been able to handle their situations and get back into good standing.

How did they manage it? Well, there is now a website spotlighting the personal stories of people who were in such a situation and what they did to handle it. The accounts are in their own words and show that it can be done.

Check out Truth Be Told and tell me what you think.


Jason said...

Thanks for the link and your information. So many people have major misconceptions on ethics and justice just as it is in general practice, let alone within a religion. Unfortunately there are some that have bad information on what to do within our religion when they feel something isn't right. LRH is very specific on how to handle these things correctly, anyone can just read what he says and follow it.

Jean Yves Besnard said...

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