Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Church of Scientology Moscow Grand Opening

Yet another new Church of Scientology just opened, this time in Moscow. That makes 20 such churches opened in the last five years.

We have quite a bit of slang in Scientology and one such bit is "org". It's short for "organization" and means a Church. The new org in Moscow is an "Ideal Org", meaning that it was architected and designed from the ground up as an ideal center for Scientology in its area.

There has been a Church of Scientology in Moscow since 1993, but this newly opened building is much bigger than the previous one and is, as I mentioned, an "Ideal Org".

You can read about it here: Church of Scientology Opens New Church
in the Heart of Moscow
, see what Russian dignitaries and members of the government had to say and see a ton of pictures of the ceremony and the new building.

I'll leave you with what a member of the Russian Federation’s Public Chamber had to say at the grand opening: “Scientologists work to see that all have the right to thought, to practice religion and to rejoice. You work to see that all people have the right to assemble, the right to establish and support their own churches and organizations; that they have the freedom to think for themselves and to the expression of their thoughts and ideas. These freedoms are the very manifestation of the individual spirit. So it is important that we rejoice today, for this is a glorious day in the name of freedom for all of Russia.”

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