Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Scientology Axiom 5

Axiom 5: Energy consists of postulated particles in space.

To create space (axiom 4) you have to also create something to delimit the space. That is, there has to be something to view at the edges of the space or there is no "viewpoint of dimension". That something to view is energy and it is created by the life static.

So energy is created at the same time space is created but energy can also be created by itself once there is space to put it in.

To demonstrate this, sit in the center of a room and put your attention on the two top corners of the room behind you. Now close your eyes and don't think of anything, just keep your attention on the two top back corners. After a few minutes you should feel relaxed.*

What you have done is to some degree created your own space (the dimensions between you and the back corners) and energy (the two back corners). So instead of relying on the automatic creation of the space of the universe (which we are all agreeing to) you are knowingly creating some of your own.

If you do this for several minutes everyday you will find it very relaxing and you will feel generally calmer.

*This exercise is given in more detail in the book "Scientology 8-8008"

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