Thursday, March 04, 2004

Scientology Axioms - Axioms 1 & 2

Axioms of Scientology
Okay, so we've looked at Scientology Axioms 1 & 2 and perhaps they don't seem that impressive. So "Life" is something that can't be measured in terms of this universe and it has a creative ability, so what? Well, it's easy to underestimate data until it is evaluated. So let's take a closer look.

First of all let's look at a living thing compared to a non-living thing. We stand on a slope and we drop a rounded rock - What happens? Well, that's pretty obvious, it bounces down the slope. Okay, so now we stand on a slope and we drop a cat - What happens? Well, your guess is as good as mine. The cat runs up the slope or maybe down the slope or maybe along the slope or maybe it just sits there and cleans its whiskers.

The rock is not animated by life, so it has no ability to make a decision or cause something to happen (axiom 2).

The cat is animated by life and so it can make a decision and it can make something happen.

This is what many scientists miss, that life is the causative agency in this universe. The evolutionists have the idea that the goddess Fate decrees which species live and which die. What they miss is that evolution is a mechanism that life uses to produce organisms with a better chance of survival. Life causes the beaks of baby birds to lengthen when there is a drought because the next generation will need to dig deeper for grubs (an actual example from the Galapagos Islands).

Let's look at another example. If you point a camera at Charlize Theron and press the button then it takes a picture. It has no opinion on the matter, it just does what it's told. But what if you point a human being at her? Person A says, "Wow. She's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Let me take a hundred pictures." Person B says, "Pretty Girl. Sure I'll take her picture" Person C says, "I have so many pictures of blondes, I don't need another." Person D says, "I don't take pictures of the Hollywood A crowd. I prefer real people." Person E says, "Yuck! Who'd want to take her picture?"

Again we see that something not animated by life (the camera) has no opinion, it just does what it's told.

A human being is animated by life and therefore has an opinion and acts accordingly.

Now some amongst you will point out that if you drop a rock, a dog, a cat or Charlize Theron off a cliff, they will all fall and therefore this idea of causative ability is just an illusion. Well, where did the law of gravity come from and why do we obey it? Well stay tuned for Scientology Axiom 3 and all will be revealed.

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