Monday, July 02, 2007

Questions About Scientology

I just found this site: Scientology FAQs. It has a lot of data.

Also, I am very willing to answer questions about my blog articles and about Scientology. I also welcome comments.

(I do moderate comments and I will reject angry, antagonistic, snide, obscene or offensive comments. So, let's just be friendly, open and demonstrate some manners. Random acts of Kindness are a great idea, so let's extend the idea to random acts of good manners :)


Beastly McGash said...

I'm really having a hard time believing that you actually believe the writing of a science fiction writer. I'm not trying to be inflammatory or hurtful, and I most definitely don't want to fall under the "fair game" rule of scientology and be harmed or maligned. it's just that I have an extremely difficult time understanding that someone else could actually believe this business. The name itself is such cobbled together gobbledygook. It's precisely like something out of a really bad sci-fi movie.

I'm sorry. I just happened upon this blog and I'm blown away.

Grahame said...

Hey, Beastly. Thanks for your questions and comments. I'll do my best to answer you, but I think you have some misconceptions or false information about Scientology.

1) You assume that as a sci-fi writer, L. Ron Hubbard, is somehow incapable of knowing about anything else. That is not correct. Isaac Asimov wrote several best selling non-fiction works on science. Robert Heinlein was a rocket scientist (literally) during World War II. The list goes on and on. Plato's most famous work The Republic is a work of fiction, yet is regarded as one of the greatest philosophical works of all time. Voltaire, another famous philosopher, wrote plays, novels and poetry as well as books on history and philosophy. Did the fact he wrote fiction lessen the brilliance of this other works?

2) It seems to me you have been reading false information about Scientology. You mention the "fair game" rule. There is no such thing as Fair Game.

3) If you have been reading false information about Scientology then your comment: "I have an extremely difficult time understanding that someone else could actually believe this business" is probably based on incorrect data. I don't expect you to "believe" Scientology, any more than I did when I first came across it, but at least make sure you know what it is before you disbelieve or criticize it. The Scientology FAQ Site is a good place to find out what it is about and probably get some other questions answered.