Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Victoria Beckham speaks out about her Scientologist Friends

As a devout football fanatic (that's soccer to you Americans) I am, naturally, a devoted adherent of David Beckham. The man is a god! I was over the moon when he announced he was going to be joining the LA Galaxy. My great hope is that the sport will now get the attention it deserves in the USA.

Anyway, I was also happy to learn that Becks is a good friend of Tom Cruise. That's cool. Good people should stick together! Of course the must-have-controversy-and-sensationalism brand of news reporting has tried to imply that two friends can't just hang out together if one has a religion that is different to the other. What a crock. I have friends who are Jewish, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu and even atheist (as well as Scientologists of course) and none of us has a problem with the religious beliefs of the others plus we don't attempt to "convert" each other.

This interview with Victoria Beckham just proves that people can get along and be best friends no matter what their beliefs: Beckham Defends Scientology Pals Cruise and Holmes.

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