Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blog Redesign

I've been meaning to upgrade my blog to the latest style of template. The new Blogger templates are very easy to use and well thought out. My site had an old style template which was basically just HTML with special tags in it and I'd customized it, so upgrading looked like it would be a pain because I'd have to transfer everything over. But I decided to bite the bullet and just do it!

So here it is. I'll be working on the layout for a while to get it just right. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.


Jim Gatos said...

The "Lime Green" type isn't easy on the eyes.. and although I understand your wanting to change templates, (I do it all the time), maybe you shouldn't change colors.

I don't know WHAT I'm saying today...LOL..

Grahame said...

Thanks for the feedback Jim.

I was getting bored with the blue. There are not a lot of color choices in blogger. I wish they had a feature where you could select a "theme" where they had predesigned the colors to be harmonious. They could make hundreds that way.

I don't think the template is exactly "lime green" (you can see all the various colors here: HTML Color Names). Lime is a bit too bright for my taste and I don't find LimeGreen an attractive color.

I like this template. But if I get several complaints I'll change it. And I'll probably change it in a few months anyway. The new style template makes that really easy to do.