Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Complaint about my blog

A poster called prem, who has a hidden profile, says:

You never publish any comment or question about scientology that is uncomfortable for a scientologist to answer. You cherry pick questions which you have "clean" answers for and censor the rest.

So, prem, how do you know? If I didn't publish something then how do you know I didn't? The only other post I ever had from you was one that was making a similar complaint: Feb 19 - If you are going to be asking questions such as the one you are asking JB, atleast have the balls to enable comments without stripping out any comment that speaks against scientology. How do you know I'd stripped out comments if they were never published?

I clearly stated here, Questions About Scientology, what my rules are for questions and comments. If I stuck to those rules 100% then I wouldn't even be answering this impolite and antagonistic comment. Same goes for several other "difficult" questions I've answered. So I think I've bent over backwards to answer questions about Scientology as best I can even when they have violated my rules.

I have answered questions and comments that you will not find answered on any other pro-Scientology blogs that I know of except the Scientology Myths blog. In fact, I actually spent hours researching some of the questions so I don't appreciate your inaccurate criticism. Take a look at my Answers to Questions About Scientology, that took a lot of work.

A general closing comment: I think it is sad that people like prem have to be so antagonistic and impolite. It is so hard to have a dialog with people who are in a constant state of being pissed off for no good reason.


Jim Gatos said...

Honestly, this whole thing can be pretty laughable...

I can't find ONE, and I mean ONE, religion that DOESN'T have ONLY 100% positive members with NO former members, some of whom may speak negatively about the church they used to belong to. Even the mainstream Protestant churches had their "Really Stupid Members".. Did you know that the murderer who killed his family, John List, was a devout Lutheran? I even read the Lutheran church wasn't very cooperative with authorities when they were hunting List down. Also, one of the heads of the Lutheran church were not very defiant of Hitler in WW2.

C'mon, do I have to attack EVERY religion to make my point? They all have their great members, and they all have their JERKS! And Grahame recounted about a bad time in the 1980's when the church of Scientology had IT'S jerks. As for the "cult" thing, that's kinda hard to swallow. I mean, reading a book will cause brainwashing? I read two books myself; "What is Scientology?", and "Fundamentals of Thought." Honestly, the first book was very informative, but if you tend to like things easy and with NO effort, then I gather Scientology would be a hard religion to be a member of without kidding around. I mean, boy, there is a LOT of stuff to do!

I have a couple of questions;

1. When can someone say publicly, "I am a Scientologist"? When they read a book or two? When they get audited? When they get "Clear?".
Just curious.

2. Could someone ever consider themselves a Scientologist without ever having had an auditing session? Would this be comparable to a "Christian Sacrement"?

3. Are "Communications Classes" taught ONLY at the churches?

Grahame, I think the church could additionally learn from you! Lead by example. You seem like a polite, intelligent man, devoted to your family, etc, etc. Come to think of it, other religions have nice members too. What's done is done. I can understand the nervousness and the apprehension, but honestly, I see a lot of good too.


FMS said...

Dear Grahame, i really admire your courage to answer tough Questions on your religion. You don't see often a Scientologist who talks openly about
Suppressive Person, Fair game, dead agents, Gang-Bang Sec Check, squirrels, KoX, KSW, KTL, OT3, UFZA and Stuck in present time.

But why does the truth need so much expensive words and acronyms?

Join the army of the blind people!
Sure we don't have THE answers for the big question in live, but at least where honest about our own blindness.

Get clear and wake up Grahame, your poisoning yourself with empty words from a penny pocket sci-fi writer.

Grahame said...

Hey Jim,

To comment on your comment: A religion provides a path to higher spiritual states. It is up to the individual to walk that path. This applies to all religions. The Ten Commandments of the Bible clearly lay out a path for Christians, yet those commandments are broken daily all over the world by people who claim to be Christians. Does that mean Christianity is bad? No. It means that an individual has a choice in his behavior. So I don't think anyone should blame a religion for the bad behavior of one of its members. That bad behavior is the responsibility of the individual.

Now to your questions: You ask some great questions.

I answered them here: Scientologist - When do you become one?.

Grahame said...

Hey FMS,

My reply to your comment got rather long so I made it into a blog article. You can find it here: Scientology and the Right to Choose.