Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scientology and "Anonymous"

I got a comment from "Louis" who has a hidden profile. Louis claims to be a member of "Anonymous," a cyber gang whose activities range from puerile pranks to crime and outright terrorism.

Louis said:
We don't want to discuss if scientology is a religion or not. It's not our goal to destroy the practice ... there are wrongs being made, there is a need to right them. We are attempting to right them- we do not intend harm to any person.

Louis, please explain to me how the following activities of "Anonymous" a) are attempting to "right" anything, b) are not trying to destroy the practice and c) don't harm any person:
  • Bringing down Scientology related web sites with DDOS attacks.

  • Bringing down the Human Rights educational website of a group that was started by some Scientologists

  • Bringing down the website of an organization that documents and reports psychiatric abuse.

  • Bringing down the website of an anti-drug campaign.

  • Bringing down the website of a drug rehab organization.

  • Spamming Scientology related web sites with millions of emails.

  • Sending envelopes containing white powder (possible anthrax) to Churches and Missions.

  • Calling up and threatening receptionists at Churches.

  • Making Bomb threats.

  • Making arson threats.

  • Making death threats.

  • Picketing outside Churches whilst wearing intimidating masks.

  • Painting graffiti on Church buildings.

  • Creating web sites that use long disproven lies to attack Scientology

  • Creating web sites that make unsubstantiated and unproven accusations against Church members, leaders and founder.

  • Creating obscene videos with the heads of Church members, leaders and its founder superimposed on obscene figures.

  • Creating videos that mock Church members, leaders and founder

  • Creating videos that spread long disproven lies.

  • Creating videos that make unsubstantiated and unproven accusations.

  • Urinating on the door of a Church and then posting a video of it.

  • Going onto blogs and news sites to post reams of lies, attacks and obscenities against the Church, its members, its leaders and its founder.

I'd really be interested to hear your explanation.

Also Louis, can you tell me what steps you personally have taken to actually engage in dialog with Church members or leaders to address the accusations you have made in your comment?

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