Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scientology - More Questions and Answers

On another blog I contribute to, Brazen Laird asked about the following issues:

- John Sweeny's accusations: There are two sides to every story. Please investigate the other side, BL, before passing judgement. The other side of the story is presented here; BBC reporter John Sweeney.

- The real story of Lisa McPherson is a tragic one, but it is not the story you have been told, BL. Please read this: Lisa McPherson and the articles it links to.

- You feel psychiatry is of "proven good" and you feel that Scientologist's opposition to it is somehow a black mark against the religion. You are entitled to your opinion. Scientologists, however, are interested in the facts about psychiatry and not opinions. However, just to clarify one point: we are not opposed to psychiatry as such, we are opposed psychiatric abuse. There is plenty of factual data on the large number of abuses in that field. Here are some links for you to check out: International Coalition for Drug Awareness, SSRI Stories, The Antipsychiatry Coalition, Stop Shrinks, ADHD Fraud, Mind Freedom International (I specifically didn't link to Citizens Commission on Human Rights or any other site connected to the Church of Scientology just to show you that the opposition to psychiatry is widespread.)

- Disconnection from family members. I'll post about this tomorrow.

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