Saturday, January 31, 2009

Scientology Beliefs

Here is an interview with Tom Davis regarding Jett Travolta's death and Scientology beliefs regarding the spirit and what happens to it.

It's not a bad interview. The simple concept of what happens to the spirit is a little confused by the interviewer who says something about "he will live again in someone else's body." I guess in such a short time the interviewee has to stick to only a few points so Tom didn't have a chance to clear that one up.

If you want to get a clearer concept of what the Scientology belief is regarding that then check out this video: The Parts of Man


Kim said...

I came across this web site a few days ago. It's nice to see someone posting about Scientology in a good light.

Grahame said...

You are welcome Kim.

I just tell it like it is.

Celtic Dragon said...

I just started blogging yesterday and today I was looking for some postive feed back on Scientology, since I am a Scientologist. Kudos for this post. I will keep looking through your blogs for more insperation.