Monday, January 05, 2009

The Travolta Tragedy

First let me give my condolences to the Travolta family. At a time like this there is comfort in having a family to support each other.

Now for my comments regarding the rumors about Scientology and medical treatment: It never fails to astound me how people who hate my religion will take any opportunity, no matter how ghoulish, to attack my Church.

You have all probably seen the news about the tragic death of Jett Travolta. He was 16 years-old and suffered from seizures. It seems that on Friday he had a seizure, fell and hit his head on the bath tub. The medical examination has not been completed so it is too early to say exactly what happened.

However, some ghouls have decided to use this tragedy to attack Scientology. Can you imagine what sort of creeps would do something like that? Take a terrible family tragedy and twist it into some perverted attack on the family's beliefs. That is so sick.

The rumors these sickos have started are now getting into the media (which contains its fair share of ghouls), so the Church of Scientology has had to give out a press release telling the truth about Scientology Members position on medical care.

Just the fact that the Church has had to do that is a sad reflection on our society and the ease with which false rumors can be gotten into the media and circulated world-wide.

If you want to know the truth about our views on medical care then check these articles: Scientology and Medicine, the Scientology FAQs, Scientology and medical care or Do Scientologists use medical doctors?


Jimmy said...

First let me give my condolences to the Travolta family. I can't imagine the griefing they go through right now. The loss of ones child is the worst fate I can imagine.

Now to the next part. I've seen how the ghouls use this tragedy for their twisted purpose aswell in some forums. Some think john deserve this just because he is scientologist (they actually have no problem that young people die just to attack the church or its members). Others claim John killed his son with bare hands just because of his disease (wich they say was a sign of weekness according to the church).

I'm stunned that some people can be that cruel and put up things like that of the only reason they (think they dislike CoS. Many just jump on the hate bandwagon without any reason but be "cool") dislike CoS.

Bird * said...

not cool.

Colleen said...

Colleen said...
I want to offer my heartfelt
condolences to the Travolta
family. I know first hand the
pain and grief they are feeling.
Also the huge empty hole in their
heart that is aching for their son.
I know this because I lost my son
Matthew in 1988 on Christmas Eve.
He was only 19 months old. He had
complications from Chemotherapy.
He was much younger than Jett but
when you lose a child age dosen't matter. That's a parents worst nightmare. We are supposed to go first not them. I've had people say I understand what your going through, they can't possibly
unless they have been through it.
I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Even though my son was sick you still are never prepared.

Jetts death was sudden and tragic.
Through the years I've seen both
John and Kelly on different shows and in different magazine articles.
On TV and in the magazine articles
and pictures it was 1000% clear
how much John and Kelly
loved Jett and Ella. There's one picture they had up on the net that
I will remember forever of John and Jett. It was one of Jett and John on a boat. John's head is leaning on Jetts chest and shoulder with his eyes closed.
Jett arm and hand are wrapped around Johns head. Jett is kissing
his dads head. It is such a precious picture.

I wish people would stop the attacks on them. They did everything possible to save Jetts
life. If John and Kelly could have
died for Jett to live, I have no doubt in my mind they would have.
I would have done the same for my son.

Please let this family grieve for
their son, sister, grandson and so
on in peace. They need every chance they have to spend what time they have left to say goodbye
to Jett and start to have some sort
of closure if that's possible.

My thoughts and prayers are with
the Travolta family and will continue to be. John and Kelly
are wonderful human beings and
terrific parents.

Love Colleen