Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Scientology Expansion in Florida

Yesterday I wrote about the Fort Harrison hotel, today I'm writing about the building right next door to it, which is called the "Scientology Mecca" because it represents the spiritual center of the religion.
This beautiful building will be delivering some of the most advanced and spiritually beneficial services that exist in Scientology. When the renovations on the Fort Harrison were completed, the final phase of construction began on the Scientology Mecca. You can read more here: Planned to Perfection: Scientology Mecca Enters Final Construction Phase.


Anonymous said...

It's called the "Super Power building" because that's what it was built to house. It is only ever referred to as the "Scientology Mecca" by non-Scientologists.

Grahame said...

Hey JesusG,

Actually it is called the "Scientology Mecca" in the Freedom Magazine article I linked to.

Personally I don't like that name and I wish they'd come up with something better, but it seems like we're stuck with it for the moment.