Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dianetics: Purpose of the Mind

The next axiom of Dianetics is:
The purpose of the mind is to solve problems relating to survival - L. Ron Hubbard
Think about that one for a moment. What are you using your mind for every second of every day?

Just deciding what to have for lunch is solving a problem relating to survival:
- Maybe you are on a restricted budget and must decide where to go that will give you the most food for the few dollars you have.
- Maybe you brought your lunch with you because you want to eat healthy fresh food and restaurants in the area don't impress you as healthy.
- Maybe you eat junk food because you like how it tastes and you have no idea of how unhealthy it is.
- Maybe you eat junk food because you have been given false information that it is fine to eat and has no bad health effects.
You see, the mind works on data and sometimes the data it has is wrong. In Dianetics this is sometimes called "didn't know the gun was loaded".

So now you know the purpose of the mind so how does it achieve that purpose? Stay tuned for tomorrow's article.


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