Thursday, May 06, 2010

Haitian amputee helped by Volunteer Ministers

My friend Denice just sent me some good news about Haiti. Here is the email she sent me and a picture that certainly paints a thousand words:
I haven't done an official debrief on my trip to Haiti with the Volunteer Ministers and Help for Orphans but I have had MANY one on one conversations. I have finally posted pictures on my website, many are different from my Facebook page. But today I couldn't help myself in emailing out this incredible news about a young amputee I had met in a hospital in Haiti working as a physical therapist. The two Volunteer Minister Physical Therapists got her papers to leave Haiti and get her feet. Today I received a photo of her walking!!!!. My eyes are still wet with joy. The two weeks I spent have continued to spread goodwill and inspiration to all who couldn't go and I am so grateful for all the support that I and the volunteer groups had to truly make a difference!!!
For all the help you give, walk a little more proud today!......... because Mana certainly is.
Much Love

Volunteer Ministers help Haitian Amputee

(Click the picture to see it full size.)


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