Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Questions from a Nurse (2)

Taylor asked a number of questions here: More Questions from a Nurse. Here are more answers:

6. Who is the spokesperson for your family?
If we did or did not have a spokesperson, it would have nothing to do with Scientology. Such things are personal or traditional choices.

For our family, we don't have a "spokesperson". Not sure when or why we'd need one. My kids are adults living their own lives now but when they were still children my wife and I would always discuss things with them and come to an understanding. There were very few situations where we had to override their choices and if we ever did then there was full agreement between my wife and I. I guess we have more of a democratic set up than a dictatorial one.

Here is more data: What Does L. Ron Hubbard Say About Raising Children?

More tomorrow.

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