Sunday, November 13, 2011

What is an "Illegal PC"?

Darren asked What is an "Illegal PC"?

It's a term used to refer to someone who, due to psychiatric abuse, is in a state which makes it unwise for them to receive Scientology Auditing. They have been so messed up by damaging psychiatric treatments, such as electro-convulsive treatment (ECT), brain operations or the use of damaging psychiatric drugs, that any attempt to assist them spiritually in a way that has them looking inward is liable to push them over the edge.

It is not a permanent status. There are things a person can do to demonstrate that they have recovered sufficiently that they can safely receive Scientology Auditing, at which point they can.

In the meantime, they participate in all the other services and practices of Scientology.

Illegal = in this usage of the word, it does not refer to the laws of the land, but to the rules of Scientology Churches. "Illegal" in this sense means a violation of Church rules, for example, it is against the rules to audit someone who has not sufficiently recovered from abusive psychiatric treatment, so it is called "illegal".

PC = Pre-Clear = a person who has not yet achieved the State of Clear and is undergoing or planning to undergo Scientology Auditing with the goal of achieving the state.

I hope that answers your question, Darren.


Ted said...

That is a very good answer to a difficult question. Well done.

Josral said...

Is this thread still active? You mentioned that the psychiatric based 'illegal pc' status is not permanent. I have been operating under the idea that it was permanent. I was aware of the policy before my encounters with psychiatry. I'm an open book and am willing to give more info as to my experience and my view as to the source of my problems if it would be of help. Are there online sources that can verify that my understanding of the length of the status is incorrect? I don't have immediate access to that policy letter to review it.

Grahame said...


I know 2 people who had the "illegal PC" status removed.

They'd had psych treatment, got into Scientology, were unable to get Scientology auditing due to the psych treatment, were given a list of things they needed to do, did these programs, had the "illegal PC" status removed and were then able to get auditing.

If you need to know the specifics of what would be required in your case then you should contact your nearest Church of Scientology and talk to the appropriate person. I'm sure they'd be very willing to help.