Thursday, October 16, 2003

Scientology and Organization

In an earlier post I mentioned the five rough divisions of philosophy and described "Politics" as "the subject of social organization - not just how to get elected". How to organize everything from your own life to an international religion is covered in Scientology. As always it is covered in a very practical manner.

What is the ideal form that an organization should take? How do you help people to be effective on the job? How do you choose who should be in charge? How do you fairly and equitably administer justice to the individuals in the group? How do you measure how successful a person is at their job and how successful the organization is? How do you effectively manage a group? How do you as an individual or as a manager plan and carry out the plan to achieve your goals? All these questions and more are answered in the several volumes of the encyclopedic Organization Executive Course and Management Series. These books can be found here: Scientology Administration.

Another useful reference containing the most important basics of this technology of how to organize and handle groups is contained in the Scientology Handbook.

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