Friday, October 17, 2003

Scientology Philosophy - The Basic Formula of Living

People tend to think of politics as the bickering of politicians rather than ideas about social organization, administration and forms of civilization, so using the term "politics" could easily be misunderstood. The religion of Scientology is very careful to stay out of politics as it is most often defined. Scientologists very much agree with the US constitution on that one - Church and State should be separate. Therefore I will use the term "social organization" to name the branch of philosophy that Will Durant calls "politics".

Something L. Ron Hubbard discovered in his research into social organization was the Basic Formula of Living. The basic formula of Living is : HAVING AND FOLLOWING A BASIC PURPOSE.

That may sound simple, but it has very wide ramifications. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to observe that people with no purpose in life drift along getting nowhere, the aimless teenager getting into drugs and gangs is a prime example of this. If you observe a successful man or woman you will see a person who knows what their purpose is and is going for it. When you read of successful people and their habits you will see the same thing - they know what their goals are and they are working toward them.

This simple formula can be applied by any individual to better their own life. For example, if you are not enjoying your life, you feel you are drifting or living is not much fun then ask yourself what your basic purpose is. Do you have one? If you do is it actually something you want to follow?

If you find that your basic purpose is nonexistent or you have one you don't want then create or choose a new one. It could be your very own purpose you dream up or it could be a purpose that already exists that you adopt as your own.

Now you have a purpose the second part of the formula is to follow it. What do you need to do to achieve it? In what sequence must you carry out these actions? Make plans and then carry them out.

Applying the Basic Formula of Living to your own life can have exciting and far reaching effects.

The Basic Formula of Living and many other such discoveries can be found in The Organization Executive Course Volume 0 available in 15 languages.

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